In the BICM Mountain Bike club we ride all year. Regardless of whether you prefer high-speed, high-action, or are to more of a casual ride with good company, we have a group for you.

Our regular rides start from the Billund Idrætscenter, and our home trails are found in Grene Sande and Frederikshåb plantage. On occasion special events are held at other locations.

Our members ride for many different reasons: some ride to keep in shape over the winter, others strive to improve techniques.  Regardless of the reason, in BICM it is possible to find like-minded people and train what you need. We offer skills training with focus on balance and technique, but also endurance demanding intervals where your pulse will reach maximum.

In the winter we ride with lights, and if you haven't tried it before you are in for a treat! It is a thrill to blast down a trail with shadows dancing around every corner. It demands all of your senses!

We train Sundays and Thursdays all year, rain or shine.

What equipment do I need

The Bike

You set the standard.  We have no requirements on your ride - but make sure it can handle the punishment.

The outfit

Bike shorts with a pad for your own sake - and clothes that can handle dirt.

How fast do you ride?

In BICM we ride together.  Nobody rides out with us and gets left behind on the trail. The casual group (Hyggeholdet) rides at a speed where everyone can participate. To keep up with the more advanced groups you need to be in good shape.

Sikkerheden står i højsædet for os, og vi holder altid øje med om alle er med, og forstår at komme rundt i terrænet

The practical

For your own safety, always bring the following items when you ride Mountain bike:


  • Helmet
  • Good lights for helmet and bike
  • Spare tube
  • Pump or CO2 cardridge
  • Mobile phone